As a keen swimmer myself it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me, being able to work and also to do the thing I love, Swim!

As things developed, we realised that we would be able to open the park and being able to get families and friends out and have fun was a very exciting thing!
Imagine being able to work at a place where you were putting smiles on everyone’s faces all day long! It was a great feeling.

I have always loved Lifeguarding and being near the water, even from a young age. This felt like the perfect job where they could both go hand in hand.

Throughout the season, we would mainly be Lifeguarding. This involved being out on the park, making sure that everyone was safe and everyone was enjoying themselves. We were always on hand if anyone needed help. We were trained and all felt comfortable dealing with anything that was thrown at us. If I was on shore, I would often find myself giving the safety briefing to the customers, talking them through all of the do’s and don’ts out on the park.

All of the staff who had applied for the role were already pool lifeguards. We all had to train as an Open Water Lifeguard. The training was professional, fun and helped us all break the ice between each other as well us as teach us the dangers of open water and of course, how to rescue anyone in need. As an Open water lifeguard, you have to keep yourself in good shape as you may find yourself swimming a much longer distance than what you may be used to in a pool. We would often have training sessions in the water, swimming around the park and having rescue scenarios where we would have to assist any type of casualty we may come across on the park. No day was ever the same and you had to be prepared for whatever was thrown at you.

Throughout the summer, I have seen myself develop both physically and mentally. Working out in the great British summer is tough as you never know what the weather will be. One minute blinding heat and the next minute freezing cold and pouring with rain. We stayed out in all of it and at times it was tough, but seeing your friends standing with you side by side all going through the same thing was a great feeling. Working at the Aqua Park isn’t just a regular lifeguarding job. You are always on the go, learning new skills and knowing that you are there helping people enjoy themselves.

At the end of the season, I’ll be returning back to working in a Gym, but I will defiantly be back next year! If you want to push yourself, make new friends and be able to see friends and families enjoy themselves then this is the job for you!!