I applied for a Customer Services role at the Aqua Park for summer 2017. I was attracted by the opportunity of working outdoors as well as the Aqua Park’s already great reputation.

I was initially recruited to work on the wet suit station, greeting all the customers that come onto the site and issuing them with the correct size of wetsuit.

After just one shift, I was asked if I would like to be trained in Reception. This meant that I could now work in customer services allowing my work to become more dynamic and also helped to develop my skill set.

During the summer I was also invited to train as a Lifeguard. This adds another qualification to my CV. This is great because the qualification gives me the opportunity to earn during term times by working at the Uni pool through the winter.

I have particularly enjoyed the social aspect of working at the Aqua Park; there have been many team building activities as well as staff camp outs that all together improve the experience. Importantly, it has enabled me to save money in a fun environment before starting Uni in September.

And of course, I can return to the Aqua Park team again next summer as a fully skilled team member! All together I am very excited to work for the Aqua Park in the summer of 2018.

If you are passionate about customer service and want to gain a recognised lifeguarding qualification in 2019 then we would love to hear from you.

For the summer 2019 season we will operate a 7 day a week shift system to ensure the smooth running of the Aqua Park. We have full time and part time hours available.

You will need to be confident in the water, able to swim 400 metres with a sense of urgency and then able to run up and down the shore line. You will also need to be very observant.

We will train you to be an Open Water Lifeguard, in June 2019 and in return we ask that you work a minimum number of hours during the season.

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