We hope this page will help you find the answer to your questions about Aqua Park Rutland.



We hope this page will help you find the answer to your questions about Aqua Park Rutland.

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Rutland FAQ’s

  • How do I book?

    All bookings can be made online in advance via the website, register and follow the instructions.

    If there appears to be nothing available on the day you want to book it is because all sessions are taken.

    Please remember before booking that all ticket sales are final. All bookings must be made online in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Once you have booked, you must ensure that you and/or your party has completed their details and the disclaimer online before arriving. If you do not complete the disclaimer online and have to complete one at the Reception, there will be a £5 administration charge.

  • What are the admission criteria?

    Swimming Ability
    It is a requirement that you are able to swim 25m unaided. You are likely to go under water and should be confident in the water. You have to be able to pull yourself up out of the water, and it can be tiring.

    Height Restriction
    There is a minimum height of 1.20m permitted on the Aqua Park.

    Age and Parental Supervision

    Children aged 6 and 7 years old can attend any session provided that an adult or guardian of 18+ is present on the Aqua Park with them, on a 1 adult to 3 children ratio.

    Children aged 8 to 15 years old inclusive can attend any session but must have either a adult or guardian on shore, or on the Aqua Park with them for the duration of the session.

    16 years old and over can attend any session without supervision.

  • Opening dates and times

    Just click on the “book now” button on, or to find out when the bookings are open and which dates/times are available.

  • Availability / Why can’t I see any sessions on the day I want?

    Availability changes second by second in real time.

    If no sessions are showing, it means everything is fully booked. The website will only display sessions that have availability for the number of tickets you have requested or more.

    Our customer services team cannot reserve or book tickets on your behalf. If only a small number of sessions are showing with a green cross, it means there is availability for you and your party on any of those sessions.

    Book it quickly if you want it!

  • Disclaimers

    How do I complete the disclaimer or change an attendee?

    To complete your disclaimers, simply ask everyone attending to go to and use the attendee code which is on your e-ticket. To see who has completed disclaimers, go to the same webpage and use the group leader code to login.

    To complete your disclaimers, simply ask everyone attending to go to and use the attendee code which is on your e-ticket. To see who has completed disclaimers, go to the same webpage and use the group leader code to login.

    How To Change an Attendee

    To do this, simply ask the person who is now attending to complete a disclaimer online using the same codes from your e-ticket. Once this is completed, log in online as the group leader using the codes from your e-ticket.

    You can then select the name of the new attendee in the place of the name of the person who is no longer attending. In the screenshot below, Attendee Number Three is taking the place of Attendee Number Two.

  • How do I make a large booking and share payment?

    1. Register online at using your email and a password you don’t mind sharing. You can change it later in “My Account.”

    1. Register online at using your email and a password you don’t mind sharing. You can change it later in “My Account.”

    2. Make a reservation for say 10 tickets by selecting “Reserve and Pay Later” when completing the booking process. These tickets will be reserved for 7 days only.

    3. Pay for your personal tickets by going to the Menu icon at the top left of the homepage, Pay For My Bookings, and selecting the tickets using the tick box, and then scrolling down to check out and pay.

    4. Send all your friends the link:

    5. Tell them to log in with your email and the password you set earlier, and repeat step 3. They can then pay for their tickets by selecting the amount of tickets they wish to pay for, and using their own debit or credit card information upon payment.

    6. Ask your friends to email you to let you know who has paid.

    After the 7 days expire, any unpaid tickets will be automatically cancelled. If a person or group missed the chance to pay for their tickets, they can book online as normal for the same time and date session, and you will still all attend as a group.

    Next you can ask everyone to fill in the disclaimers.

  • Photography Policy

    As part of the experience on the Aqua Park, we offer a professional photography service on site which involves taking photos of customers enjoying and experiencing the Aqua Park. These are then available to purchase at the end of the session, like a theme park ride. This offer is based on customer feedback and demand. We also make use of this material for marketing purposes as we rely heavily on social media to promote our product.

    It is not an option to select no to photography, as it is impossible to control who has consented to photographs and who has not on a session by session basis. Please be aware that spectators also take photographs of the Aqua Park in action from the shore. They are not on our land and we have no control over their actions.

    More specifically, on the day a customer attends, our photographer may ask if they would like a portrait photo taken, and they can refuse this. However our photographers move around the park taking action photos and if you or your child were to appear in either an action photo or background shot – and you notice this on our website or social media pages – and you would like it to be removed, we of course will do all in our power to remove it upon notice.

    However, If you would not like photos of you or your child taken under any circumstances, then you are unable to complete the disclaimer and therefore unable to attend the Aqua Park. If this is the case, and you have already purchased a ticket please let me know and we will offer you a refund.

    We have a full GDPR policy on our website which can be seen online at:

    The photography is an additional service provided by the Aqua Park Group and is not included in your Aqua Park Ticket Admission. We reserve the right to offer this additional service for Aqua Park sessions at our discretion. In any case where a photographer is not present for your session, no discount or refunds will be given. Where a photographer is present, there is no guarantee that your group will be photographed. If your group photo is taken on the day, and the picture cannot be found online there is no refund or discount given.

  • Should I print my E-Ticket and Disclaimer?

    Please help use save reduce our waste, there is no need to print anything – please arrive with your E-Ticket (from your email confirmation) available to view on your phone.

    Just make sure everyone has completed their disclaimer online. Please note there is a £5 administration charge for completing your disclaimer in Reception.

  • How do I add tickets to my booking?

    To add more tickets to your booking, simply book the required amount of tickets online!

    You do not have to do this on the same account. As long as all tickets are booked for the same time and date session, you will all attend as a group.

    To book more tickets go to:



  • Can I cancel or move my booking?

    All bookings are full, final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

    If you are more than 7 days from your session date, then you can cancel your tickets and get a full credit back to your Aqua Park account or move your booking completely.

    To do this, go to either:



    Login, and go to Menu, View, Edit or Cancel My Bookings.

    Then, find the booking you wish to move, and select Edit on the right hand side.

    Next, select all tickets you wish to move, and select cancel.

    Now, you can go back to Home, and create a new booking.

    When you are on the payment screen of your new booking, simply select “Use Credit on Account.”

  • Do you offer group discount?

    Exclusive school, group & corporate bookings are available for up to 150 persons for a 50 minute session.
    Groups and corporate bookings £2,000.
    School term time bookings £1,700.

    Available throughout the main season and June term time at £15 per person.

    Groups of 40+
    £17 per person except during peak periods where full price will be charged.
    Peak periods are 11am – 3pm session start times on weekends in July & August.
    All group bookings are subject to availability.

    For more information please email

    For more information please email

  • Raffle prizes and donations

    Each month our organisation receives dozens of approaches and donation applications. In view of the growing number of requests we receive, we have now created a short guide to our donations policy – the scope of which is to provide background on the cause(s) we support and how we will consider all future requests.

    Overall Policy

    Aqua Parks Group seeks to contribute to the communities in which we live and work in a number of ways. In addition to providing employment opportunities and minimising our environmental impact, we aim to provide individuals and families with the opportunity to get fit and enjoy outdoors Watersports activities.

    We would like to be able to donate to all of the worthy registered charities that contact us, but the high demand inevitably means we have to limit our donations. We have decided that In order to achieve best effect we will focus on a single charity of choice over a two-year cycle and we will review our policy each year to monitor impact and effect.

    Responsibility for the co-ordination of sponsorship lies with the Directors of The Aqua Parks Group. The donations fund is therefore focussed on registered charitable organisations that:

    Work across the community close to operational sites and/or

    Have connections to the industry in which we operate.

    What we fund

    We will only consider applications from charities and non-profit organisations that demonstrate how a donation will enhance the well-being or safety of people through improved /health/welfare or environment.

    Your organisation must be a registered charity and working in:

    Education and wellbeing
    Environment-based or working in or around our area of operation

    What we will not fund

    Individuals who are looking for sponsorship for fundraising activities of any type of political organisations and campaigns any initiative that is outside of the criteria outlined above

    How to apply

    If your organisation and proposed funding initiative fit our criteria please submit your donation request by email to

    We are unable to respond to applications sent via post.

    2017 to 2019 period – please note that we have selected a charity as a focus of all of our donations and this charity is Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance, as a result no further donations of any kind will be considered.


    We review applications once every two years. The next meeting will be in December 2019.

    To submit a donation request on behalf of your chosen event or cause, please tell us a little about your cause and your intended use of any donation we make. If you have a letter confirming your status from the Charity Commission, stating that it is a registered charity, this should also be submitted to us.

  • Where is Aqua Park Rutland?

    Aqua Park Rutland is located at the Rutland Water Sports Centre at Whitwell Creek on the North Shore of Rutland Water. The address is:

    Aqua Park Rutland
    Bull Brig Lane
    LE15 8BL

  • How to redeem a gift voucher

    Go to, register and follow the “Book Now” links.

    Go to, register and follow the “Book Now” links.

    Once you have selected the time and date of the session you would like, you will go through to the Order Checkout Screen, where you will see the “Enter Voucher Code” box.

    Simply enter the code from the top right hand corner of the gift voucher into this box, and click the “Redeem Voucher” button.

  • How long prior to my session should I arrive?

    It is your responsibility to arrive on time. Please arrive in time to allow around 30 minutes before your session start time. The whole experience including changing time will take about 2 hours.

    This gives you time to check in, get changed and be ready for your briefing session. We ask that just your group leader collects your boarding passes to avoid overcrowding in reception. By booking in advance and completing the registration online you can simply turn-up, collect your boarding passes from Reception and go get ready for action. You need only bring your e-ticket with you, on paper or on a mobile phone is fine, so we can scan your QR code at reception.

    You are responsible for your journey and should allow plenty of time for traffic, any local events or bank holidays.

    If for any reason, you miss your briefing you will not be allowed on your session. We will not refund you, but will try our best to get you on another session if one is available later that day, however we cannot guarantee there is availability.

    PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS and tickets are not transferable to other dates, it is your responsibility to arrive in good time.

  • Can I get a refund?

    The Aqua Parks Group have a no refund policy, which is clearly stated throughout the booking process.

    If you are more than 10 days from your session date, you can however cancel your tickets and get a full credit back to your Aqua Park account.

    Then, you can use this credit to move and pay for new bookings.

    When you go to check-out just click on the green button that says “Use Credit on my Account £xx”

    If you cancel your booking inside the 10 day period, you will lose your booking and not receive a refund or credit.

  • Wetsuits?

    Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

    When the water temperature is cooler, wearing a wetsuit is highly recommended, and we may ask that they are required on wet and windy days.

    Whilst additional sanitization measures are in place, we strongly recommend that you to use your own wetsuit to help us reduce cross-contact points.


    When you book, and pay for your ticket, wetsuit hire is NOT  included. You are welcome to bring your own wetsuit if you wish. There is no price reduction.

    You can purchase one online before your visit.

    Wetsuits can be hired on the day for £5. If using an Aqua Park wetsuit, you must wear swimwear underneath for hygiene reasons.

    We have Adult and Youth size wetsuits. Please see the below for the sizing chart. There is an overlap in sizes of Adult and Youth, as the Youth sizes are a different fit- they are for a tall, slender build who don’t have a broad chest.

    Trainers or hard-soled shoes are not acceptable. Only wetsuit boots or barefoot are permitted on the park. If you choose to go barefoot on the park, we recommend wearing shoes on the shore before and after your session that you do not mind getting wet.

  • What happens if my session is cancelled?

    Please be aware that we may cancel your session at extremely short notice, If we, for any reason, do not accept or cannot fulfil your order because of severe weather for example, then no payment shall be taken under normal circumstances. In the first instance, we will notify you of this via email.

    If we have taken payment, the value of your booking will credited to your Aqua Park account as soon as possible plus an extra 50% of the value will also be credited for you to rearrange the booking. Refunds will only be issued if you submit a request via the Customer Services email address within 30 days from notice of the cancellation. Refunds take up to 28 days to show on your bank account once processed. If refunded, you are not entitled to the 50% extra credit on your Aqua Park account.


    Algae Blooms are a natural occurrence and difficult to predict. During the 2019 season, we invested in a commercial barrier to separate the Aqua Park from the rest of Rutland Water reservoir, following this installation and the aeration of the water, we were able to re-open The Aqua Park safely without further interruption.

    This is why we anticipate being open as usual throughout the summer 2020 season. The water quality is tested regularly both in our area and the reservoir by Anglian Water to ensure the water quality is safe for our activity.

  • Is there a carpark near to Aqua Park Rutland?


    Yes: there is plenty of parking at Rutland Water Watersports Centre at the Whitwell creek car park: Bull Brigg Lane LE15 8BL

    Please note parking fees are payable as follows:
    15 minutes free
    1 hour – £1.70
    3 hours – £3.70
    5 hours – £6.00
    8 hour explorer – £8.00

  • Are there any showers or changing facilities?

    Yes, we share the facilities at Rutland Water Sports Centre, and provide large communal changing tents. The showers are small and will be very busy. These are basic male and female changing facilities, with showers and toilets. There are no electric points for hairdryers etc.

    We recommend only using the Water Sports Centre after your session to shower, then use the changing tents to get dry and changed.

    Please pack and prepare like you would for a day out at the beach. We advise arriving in suitable swimwear, and bringing a changing robe/towel.

  • Where can I store my possessions?

    You are responsible for your possessions.

    There are small lockers that will hold a small bag and your keys. These lockers require a padlock that you can bring yourself or buy at reception.

    Please do not ask our staff to look after your valuables as they are NOT permitted to do so.

  • Do I have to be part of a group or party?

    NO: We take individuals, groups and private parties.

    You will be asked to “buddy up” when on the Aqua Park as a group of two or three. If you attend as an individual, please make yourself known to a member of staff when you are asked to buddy up, so they can help you find a buddy.

  • Spectators and dogs

    Spectators can watch from the shore and it is free to do so, however please remember there are parking charges.

    Dogs are permitted on site, as long as they are kept on a lead.

  • Can I bring my waterproof camera on the Aqua Park?

    YES: all cameras, such as GoPro’s, MUST be secured by a chest harness.

    We cannot be held responsible for any lost devices – wearing a camera is at your own risk. If lost, the water is very deep in excess of 12m, and the camera will not be found.

  • Are there any cafes or pubs close by?


    Yes. There are a couple of cafes.

    The Harbour Cafe serves hot and cold food and drinks within a few hundred metres of the Aqua Park. There is also another café a short walk away close to the cycling centre.

    The closest Pub that serves hot and cold food and has rooms is just a few hundred metres from the turning to the Aqua Park in Whitwell and is The Noel at Whitwell.

    Alternatively, there are many pubs in Oakham town centre a short drive away. The Lord Nelson is one of our favourites.

  • Can I phone you?

    Our customer services are managed entirely via email. All bookings are made online. Please read everything carefully, the booking process is easy and intuitive.

  • Can I book onto the Aqua Park for more than one session the same day?

    Yes you can, but you need to make ensure you make x2 seperate bookings, and make us aware on arrival you have more than 1 session booked.

  • Must I remove all jewellery?

    Yes: All jewellery must be removed before you enter the park. This includes ALL removable earrings. If you have recently had any piercings we can provide tape to cover them.

  • Are there any fish in the lake?

    Are there any fish in the lake?

    YES: there are many fish in the lake both large and small- but they don’t bite!

  • What happens if I am late or stuck in traffic?

    We are not responsible for your journey or traffic, which during weekends and bank holidays can be very slow.

    Unfortunately we cannot get you onto the park if you miss your briefing session. We will try our best to help you, but we cannot be held responsible for your arrival, please remember there are NO REFUNDS.

  • Can I leave before my session is up?

    Yes: you can leave before your session is up, however you cannot return to the Aqua Park once you have left.

  • Are there any concessionary rates?

    We do not offer concessions or group discounts for groups smaller than 40. To see more information on our group discounts, please go to the “Do you offer a group discount” page.

  • Rain, lightening and thunder

    You can still take part in the rain- you are going to get wet anyway!!!

    It is great fun in the rain! You are able to move your booking online if the booking date is more than 10 days in advance.

    The Aqua Park Group reserve the right to cancel any given session with no prior notice due to severe weather.

    Our cancellation policy is as follows:
    If your session is cancelled for an unforeseen circumstance, for example, extreme weather conditions such as thunder and lightning, our customer service team will contact you with as much notice as possible. In the first instance, this will be via email or text.

    We will happily reschedule the booking for another time and date that is convenient for you.

  • Can I participate if I am pregnant?

    If there is any possibility you might be pregnant, you should not take part

  • Can I wear fancy dress?

    No: Unfortunately, you cannot wear any loose clothing on the Aqua Park, therefore we do not allow any fancy dress of any sort on the park.

    If you want your group to be easily spotted, you are welcome to wear brightly coloured swim hats.

  • Can I wear spectacles?

    NO: You cannot wear your spectacles on the Aqua Park. Prescription goggles are a good alternative.

  • Can I wear shoes?

    You can wear wetsuit boots or shoes on the park, otherwise barefoot is fine. You cannot wear trainers or hard soled shoes on the park.

    If you attend barefoot, please bring flip-flops or shoes to wear to wear on site. You are not permitted to walk around the site barefoot.

  • When can I use my Season Pass?

    As a season pass holder, you are eligible to book x1 ticket per day per pass for free every day we are open for the season it was purchased in, subject to availability.

    You can attend also attend peak times including weekends and bank holidays with your season pass. Following your session, you are eligible to double-up free of charge and attend consecutive sessions subject to availability on the day. If you wish to guarantee availability, you can book a second session online at the general admission price.

    If we are unable to fulfil your booking due to severe weather, for example, you will be able to reschedule at a time that suits you. No refund or credit will be issued.

  • Who can use my Season Pass?

    Your pass is attached to your account with us using your email address along with a photo ID that is checked upon arrival for your session – much like arriving at a gym with your membership card.

    Any misuse can result in a season pass being suspended without refund and you may be subject to a charge of the general admission price at the ticket office.

    You are able to purchase multiple passes under one account (if you are purchasing them on behalf of your children for example.)

  • How do I book using Season Pass?

    Your season pass is personal and only the person in the photo ID on them can use it. Your account is automatically updated when you purchase membership & pass(es) are then linked your email address and login details.

    Simply login to your account online and book. As a member, you are eligible to book x1 ticket per day per pass for free, subject to availability.

    Additional tickets and bookings will be generated at the general admission price. As soon as youve visited, you will be able to re-book using your pass(es).

  • How does the Season Pass work?

    The Aqua Park Group season pass gives you admission to the x3 of the UK’s Ultimate Aqua Park locations for the whole season!

    Please purchase your pass through the website for the location you intend to visit the most. This is known as your ‘home’ location. Once you have registered as a season pass holder, you will automatically be able to book and hold x2 free advance booking at a time, once you have visited you will then be able to make your next booking. Wetsuit hire is not included.

    Once you have purchased your pass(es) please login to the booking site before adding tickets to your basket. You can hold multiple passes on one account, you buying them for the family is easy.

    On your first visit to us, our team will set up profile photos for the pass holders at reception, much like a gym membership.

    If you wish to visit another one of our locations with your pass(es) please email the customer service team at your ‘home’ location as these bookings have to be manually updated.

  • Can I bring a picnic, BBQ or food with me?

    YES: Picnics are permitted anywhere on site, along with BBQ’s as long as they are not directly in contact with the ground.
    There is also the Harbour Café and a catering stand both on site serving hot and cold food and drink.

  • Do you sell gift vouchers?

    Yes, you can buy multiple vouchers here at any given quantity on our booking site.

  • I want to book the Aqua Park for the exclusive use of my group, what do I need to do?

    Exclusive sessions have a fixed cost and can accommodate up to 150 people per 50 minute session, including wetsuit and buoyancy aid hire.

    If you wish to book an exclusive session, please email with the details of the booking, and we will make the booking for you.

  • What else is there to do at Rutland Water?

    Rutland Watersports Centre
    Located next to the Aqua Park at Rutland Watersports Centre, you can kayak, canoe, paddle board, windsurf, sail, rent a rowing boat and even build a raft.

    Sykes Lane Beach, Mini Golf & Bugtopia

    Located just a 20 minute walk or 4 minute drive away from the Aqua Park and Whitwell creek entrance, it’s a great spot to unwind, light a BBQ and play some ball games after a session on the park. You will need a day ticket to get in/out the barrier, more information can be seen here.

    Rutland Cycling
    Located near to the Aqua Park, Rutland Cycling offers quality hire bikes, perfect for exploring up to 23 miles of traffic-free cycling around Britain’s largest man-made lake. Ideal for group bookings, families or just hire a bike on your own and explore the area. UK’s largest fleet of hire bikes, including electric bikes, adult mountain bikes, comfy cruiser bikes, tandems, children’s bikes, tag-a-longs and buggies, plus helmets, child seats and comfy saddle covers – you can even pre-book a Cyclists’ Picnic, including food, drink, basket and blanket. Book online or by phone on 01780 460705.

    Rutland Belle
    Located next to the Aqua Park at Whitwell creek, there is a pleasure boat cruise around Rutland Water, available for public or private hire at

    Although predominately a Trout fly fishery we do allow Predator fishing at certain times of the year. For those keen to hit the water, the Rutland Water Fishing Lodge is your starting point for boats, permits, tackle and tuition. Contact us or call 01780 686441 for more information or to book your boat.

    Camping is also available onsite. Please go look online for bookings and enquiries.

  • Can I reserve a hire wetsuit online?

    No, hire wetsuits can only be reserved on the day at check-in.

    When the water temperature is cooler, wearing a wetsuit is highly recommended, and we may ask that they are required on wet and windy days to ensure you have an enjoyable time. Whilst additional sanitization measures are in place, we strongly recommend that you to use your own wetsuit to help us reduce cross-contact points.